Great moments in history – spanning almost a century



LiU in Qatar – travelling logo

I will let the logotype travel through this map. Anyone care to contribute? How fast can the logotype travel across the globe?

I will let the new logotype travel to South Africa too. This stop is in Qatar at the Hamad International Airport.

Artist: I don’t know. .. it’s 6-ish meters high though.




So, now this blog has had one hundred thousand views. Thanks for all comments and thanks for staying tune with what is happening (?) at Electronics Systems, in one way or another.

I guess I have to buy some cakes to the research group or so…

A new project member

A new project member

I just wanted to take the opportunity to introduce one of our new project members. Mr. Mouse is a … ergh … mouse that likes to eat Raspberry pies. He is relaxing a moment now in Irfan’s bowl, eagerly awaiting to start his project.