Cognitive Electronics

“Cognitive Electronics” is a new field of research. The name was suggested by Dr. Staffan Gustafsson in 2008. Dr. Gustafsson, Dr. Rolf Sundblad, and me also founded the company Cognicatus AB as a think tank to study “Cognitive Electronics”. Essentially we envision an electronic system where intelligence, i.e., memory and signal processing is distributed among autonomous units. These units can be implemented in ASICs, FPGAs, embedded systems or massive systems. As for biologically inspired architectures (BIAs), we rely on massive number of components and redundancy. The applications we target are not high-accuracy, high-speed applications, but rather low-speed, high-accuracy-when-you-need-to, event driven systems. Please contact us for more information.

Smart Dust
Currently, we have quite some activity in the field of Smart Dust (google for the buzz words!).
A set of final year projects now span quite a few aspects of smart dust network and module design:

  • energy harvesting, low-power regulators, high- and low-speed continuous-time data converters, ultra-low energy logic styles, network intelligence, etc.

In order to explore the future and emerging technologies, we have also explored the memristor and it’s potential impact.

Body area networks (BAN)
Just recently I got project funding for a body-area network transceiver project. We are going to look at communication through the body and exploit a couple of new ideas on system and circuit optimization.

Intelligent signal processing (ISP)


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