TSEI50:Some news for the exam

For you studying to the linear systems course exam in the end of next week…

Here is some “information” to get you in a good mood and study well:

Unfortunately, though, no extra points will be given to those who can answer the exam questions in Klingon 😦

TSEI50: Proof of time invariance


there were some questions on proof of time invariance and I generated a document to hopefully illustrate that in a pedagogic way…

It can be found

TSEI50 : Lab manual on the net

Hi all,

please find the new lab manual on the web.

Also, may I suggest you to browse through the download folder at the TSEI50 home page. It actually contains quite some useful information. See for example the material from 2004 with some nice solutions to the (old) book… Well, at least there are some descriptions on how to solve certain problems.

Next lecture is on Monday and we will have some fun with convolution.

Best regards

TSEI50 : Reading instructions

Hi all,

I added a readers guide to the TSEI50 course information, please download it
from the university home page .

Happy reading!

TSEI50: Lecture last of August

The book was ordered from LiU Tryck again this afternoon (after the lecture). It should take a day or so to get it into stock again. I ordered 30 copies at 275 SEK.

Also, there was a request on reading instructions for the books, and how they align with the lectures. Hopefully those can be added by the end of this week. It will be posted on the original course home pages.

See you tomorrow.

TSEI50 – Course starts on Monday!

Hi all of you that will take the TSEI50 course, i.e., Linear Systems!

It starts now on Monday (August 30) and will stretch a couple of months.

I will communicate in English since we will have 7 foreign students among the 31 students taking the course this year.

The first two lectures will be on Monday 13-15 and Tuesday 10-12 in P18 and P26, respectively. Monday will of course be of introductory nature and the Tuesday lecture we will be a bit more active. Notice that the course information is currently a bit outdated. Due to I-have-lots-to-do it will be updated next week, just before the lecture.

You find the lecture notes here. Notice that they are not slides! I don’t like that.

On the first lecture, we are also going to talk about some of the evaluations from last year.

Welcome! See you on Monday.

Exams on Saturday!!! Yippie!

Wow, finally! Exams in Linear Systems TSEI50 AND Analog and discrete-time integrated circuits (TSTE08 and TSEI05) in the afternoon. That is too good to be true!

Anyway, so once again — the reminder. Don’t rush things on the exam… also remember that you can solve the exercises partially and thereby gather quite a decent set of points. Then I am always happy to allow you to upgrade by submitting a home exercise.

Please send me e-mail with questions!

The exams will look roughly the same as they have been doing since I (re-)started at the university last August! I actually have my anniversary today. No! I won’t buy cakes.