Radio och Television (Feb 1962, Nr 2)

A friendly soul has left a magazine in my university mail box. Yet to find out who. But it is a 56 year old magazine called “Radio och Television”, issue number 2 from February 1962.

2018-11-29 (1)

Pleasant reading! Remember that this is the beginning of the transistor revolution (arguably it started some years earlier, maybe in 1957 when the traitorous eight left Shockley in his lab and started with Fairchild Semiconductor. Nevertheless, in the magazine we find an interesting article on a home-made transistor amplifier for high-fidelity music. Stereo, even.

There are a lot of different ads offering you to buy the latest available silicon-based diode and transistor.

There is also an interesting article on “Project echo“. This is back in 1962. Sputnik was launched some years before that and some dozen of satellites were back then circulating the earth. But none of them were used for telecommunications.


Now, you could of course read the wikipedia page, but that was written after the project was done (it lasted from 1960 to 1964). The above article was written at the middle of the project. The Americans launched aluminum-coated balloons that would act as reflectors high up in the sky (1600 km !), like a satellite. Using the reflector they could hurl 960.05-MHz radiowaves in one direction and 2.39 GHz in the other. The transmit power was up to 10 kW for the FM modulated signals. The balloon was located using an overlayered radar beacon and a precalculated assumed trajectory (stored on punch tape). The punch tapes gave the radar a first position where to search for the balloon and then it was fine tuned using the radar beacons.

Then, later that year, the R2-D2-inspiring Telstar satellite was launched and even though it only orbited for half a year and only produced a 2-W output signal, it could still convince humanity of the possibilities and importance of telecommunications.


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