A survey on driving forces, stats

A week or so ago, I asked you for some information on what drives you/motivates you to become an (electronics) engineer. Thanks for all the answers so far!

I will let the survey be active for yet some more time before I spice these results up with some other statistics…

I have not massaged all the things out of the survey yet, but an intermediate picture is shown here and no confidence intervals or anything is added, just a snapshot of the answers. Click on it to enlarge.


We find that “Curiosity” is the main driving force. And hopefully Curiosity did not kill the Schrödinger cat. Runner-ups are “Order” and “Independence” as well as “Acceptance” (to create a positive self-image, a do-good for one self).

All 16 are on the list, i.e., vengeance and eating too…


Further on, about 72 % thinks that there is more or same momentum now with respect to the development within electronics (business, research) than it was in the 1980s.

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