A survey on driving forces, please

As a side project I am trying to get some statistics on why one studies/works with electronics. Something that is actually quite complex and challenging in terms of competition, costs, etc.

I would be very happy if you could help me and fill in this form below. More information is given in the form itself, but essentially I am using Stephen Reiss’ suggested sixteen desires. Which three of those are applicable to you?

Help is very much appreciated and I will, with sufficient number of answers, post the compiled results here too.

Thanks in advance.

2 thoughts on “A survey on driving forces, please

  1. Pretty weird alternatives to chose from. I wonder what Reiss did (if anything) to ensure that he covered the gamut of possible driving forces. How about things like creativity? Interest in and fascination with the subject? Desire to strive for excellence?

    • Thanks for the comments. Yes, there are alternatives that are quite likely to not get many votes… even though it would be kind of fun to talk to the one who votes vengeance, eating and romance…

      I think however i would personally sort creativity and fadcination under “curiosity”. But yes there are subtle differences.

      The list aims perhaps at a grander scope but i did not want to alter it nor could i come up with more alternatives as a playman.

      Still though : why do we want to become engineers? Lifestyle? “Just a job”?

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