Linköping University, more than 32 years ago …

We are currently refurbishing a bit at our Department. Not only do we get new ventilation in one of the corridors (yeah, fist-bump), we also merge a couple of the groups, or perhaps more correctly one of the groups is split and the chunks are joining other groups. More about that later once our new group’s web page is up and running.

Anyway, I had a previous post on Linköping University, 32 years ago … discussing a copy of a magazine displaying Prof. Lars Wanhammar waiting for his first integrated circuit.

In this post it is time to display a scanned copy of a nice postal card from the 70s. They really captured the picture during the time of year (spring or autumn) where there are no leaves whatsoever on the trees… No green and lush surroundings here.

Closer to us in the picture, we see the B-building and further away, with same architecture, the A-building. Above-right of the A-building you see the C-building with the bunker containing the larger lecture halls C1 and C2. Above-right of the B-building you see Valla Gård.


The logotype down left in the picture indicates that the photo was taken before Linköping University existed as a unit, ie., May 1975. The previous name was “Linköpings Högskola” which was founded in 1970. This means that this photo is roughly as old as I am. We have both evolved somewhat in those 40 years. (Even the color of the cars in the parking lot indicate which time we are talking about …)

Below is a snapshot from Google Maps. Oriented slightly differently, but the A, B, and C building are clearly identified in the top of the picture. All buildings on the picture are more or less part of, or closely related to the University or research in some kind.


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