Pocket protector

These days I am spending so many hours on the floor, lectures, lessons, labs, seminars. That means I have to carry around markers for the whyteboards. Until just a while ago, I carried them in the back pocket, quite inefficient indeed.

Therefore, I came up with the super-duper brilliant idea of constructing my own pocket protector. Btw, as found on the wikipedia page, the pocket protector was actually invented/patented in 1947 by Hurley Smith. Same year as the transistor! Coincidence? I. Think. Not!

Anyways, from idea to action, as shown in the picture below. Tear off the top of the pack, use a set of paperclip and double-sided adhesive tape. There I fixed it! I am quite certain this will now replace the hipster subculture. Remember – you saw it here first (?)

2014-10-08 13.23.45

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