Becoming a Reader (Docent) at Linköping University (Institute of Technology), Part 2

Slowly the 14th of October is approaching. That day at 15.15 in Signalen, a conference room in one of our main buildings, I will give a speech such that I can formally call my self a Reader, or Docent in Swedish. If they like my talk …

In the previous post I commented on some of the statistics at the Institute of Technology with respect to the number of appointed Readers. One could for example see that the increase is linear for each year. (Which would make the accumulated sum increasing with the square, sort of).

Anyways, I had too much time over so I mad another infographics on the topic. Here are the names, maybe you recognize some of them …


And if you want to, here is a pdf.

Part 2

Surprisingly many of the lecture abstracts starts with something like: “the rapid developement”, “the ever increasing”, and more superlatives. That will my lecture also do.

Here is my abstract, but just for the fun of it I ran it through Google translate a couple of times. It does a pretty good job anyway, even though I ran Swedish – English – German – Swedish – English – German – French – English! The talk will be in Swedish.

Integrated circuits and systems – Where are we going?

Like many other areas of research developed integrated circuits soon surfaces. The electronic word was founded in the 1940s and the last generation, we have seen several major advances such as the Internet, mobile devices and computers. These three are more in a related entity “smart devices” tablet phone with each other. To predict what happened in the next generation of golf difficult, but there is no indication that the development stalled.

Concepts such as the Internet of Things, sensor networks, wireless, e-health, personal electronics and other companies, were among the ordinary people. For several years, we have the keyboard to the touch screen to the left and you can not ask, “How are you”, but “Where are you” What is the next step Active limits visions or electronic boundaries fixed.? electronics is in the middle or the man? we all jumped electronically, but where are we going ?.

Consumption even lower than the least expensive and smaller than the size of energy: The requirements of the electronics are the same as before. In the future, we need to provide the electronics with the ability to get the power to make decisions on their own, because their environment and also to repair.

As a contribution to this development, my research has applications such as body coupled communication, implants and soil moisture sensors that are affected. Various means have been studied with their environment and themselves to be there with the help of electronics to interact. A discussion on the potential and the results are presented this range of development solutions for integrated circuit node 40 nm process herein circuits.

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