Solving an annoying java error in my DCS-930L

Once one encounters an annoying error/issue with the computer setup (or whatever electrical/electronic device) one tends to browse the internet for a solution. Unfortunately, quite often, the solutions to the problem are hidden deep down in the forum, and too often the forum is clogged down with intelligent comments like: “Did you turn on the device?” or “I have this problem too” … you know what I am talking about. Often you would also find a video to solve the problem, but I want a 10-second solution, not a 10-minute solution. Mostly they are also for the “wrong” platform.

So this is my own sort of post to be able to find the solution whenever I google for it 🙂


Anyways, in order to cover a couple of more corners I purchased a DCS-930L from D-Link. A camera with mike in the lower-price region, but still quite potent


I want to live-stream the video to my computer, but encounter a java-error on my linux machines. See the picture below. The picture won’t display.


Pressing the information tab, we get the following error:

Missing required Permissions manifest attribute in main jar:

How to solve?

Well, that’s where the googling starts and it turns out that it has to do with the security exceptions and the site from which I load the video has to be added to a certain list. This is for example documented here

However, those are for windows and not applicable for my linux machine. First, I am running a fairly new version of java:

java -version
java version "1.7.0_67"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_67-b01)
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 24.65-b04, mixed mode)

And the solution is to add a line of text containing the address to your camera to your local java folder. Cut-and-paste this into your terminal:

touch $HOME/.java/deployment/security/exception.sites ; \
echo "" >> $HOME/.java/deployment/security/exception.sites

and that’s it. Obviously, is your address to the camera. Reload the camera’s web page and voila.

Screenshot-D-Link Corporation. | WIRELESS INTERNET CAMERA | HOME | JAVA - Mozilla Firefox

3 thoughts on “Solving an annoying java error in my DCS-930L

  1. And I know the title was a bit misleading: the “error” is not in the actual camera, it is more a setting in the client computer. But yet.

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