Enough is enough!


Sometimes you have to say “Stop! Enough is enough!” (And this has nothing to do with the Swedish elections that take place today…) I am thinking of breading and I have some revolutionizing ideas within that field of research! The last 40-odd years I have been doing it the wrong way….

Now, after spending time in the lab (kitchen) today I really felt I made good progress and found a solution to one of those old mysteries!

Back to the story


So, imagine you are about to prepare a nice schnitzel. That would, in my world, be a sliced turkey filet. Massage it with some salt, pepper and other seasoning. Then dust it with flour. Prepare also a couple of eggs, and whip them in a bowl. Have some bread crumbs ready for the breading. Take the turkey filet and dip it in the whipped eggs. Then bring that to a plate, or board, with bread crumbs. Apply on both sides and down with them in a frying pan with quite a substantial amount of butter.


What happens? Well, that’s the story of this post. After a while it builds up a mixture of egg and bread crumbs on your fingers! And that is so annoying. I think that quite a few of you know what I am talking about (I hope) – otherwise the picture to the right shows the horror.

The solution

The brush.

Rewind to the flour-dusting of your thinly sliced filet. Season and flour them. Put them on a dry board, possibly with some more flour. Then use a brush for the eggs! Apply the whipped egg on the filet slices. Then apply the bread crumbs – from a height. Turn them over – with a cooking tweezer. Apply same procedure! Then into the pan. Nothing – zip, zero – stuff on your fingers. Clinical!

Fry, eat, and enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Enough is enough!

  1. What’s all the fuzz about Jacob? You could do all those steps with a pair of chopsticks or kitchen tweezers 😀
    Or alternatively, you could continue as before, but fry your fingers as well… you could call them finger-nitzels, crispy on the outside and moist and gooey on the inside,… very delicious. Try it sometime 😉

    • Hey! Look in a Swedish (traditional) cook-book. You won’t find any comments about chopsticks nor tweezers. I was going by the book!

      Fried finger tips sounds delicious though… Finger licking good. 🙂

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