What happened at Bell Labs in 1951?

Occasionally, when you wake up in the morning, you might have asked yourself: what happened yesterday? What did I do? Perhaps after a night out or so. As an engineer, you might ask yourself: what happened at Bell Labs in 1951?

Bell Laboratories

The history of Bell Laboratories – before and after – is quite interesting. The wikipedia covers that quite well. Browsing through some older history the other day, partially to formulate the discussion on modem speeds I came across the 592-page Bell Laboratories Record from 1951, Volume 29, in our library.

Very interesting reading… there are short notes on the transistor, the first transatlantic phone call, and much more. They did a lot over there back then. Perhaps even more interesting is this kind of article in the book.

Yes, I know that I might be violating some copyright laws, but the book is 63 years old, and I clearly here state the origin of the book: Bell Laboratories, and I leave the scanned two pages (86 and 87) unaltered (bar the cropping to fit this forum). Let me know and I will remove this post asap…



A pretty sweet article on Mr. Swensson and his life at Bell Laboratories. It also gives an insight in the 1951-family guy. Anyone knows what happened to Mr. Swenson after this?

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