Another look at the past?

In another side project that I will launch shortly, some older material comes up that I have to read through and process. Similar to that project, I am cleaning up the garage and bringing in old magazines for my son to read – I realize he is now as old as I am when I read them, back in 1981-ish.

I had a couple of posts on this before but it is still inspiring to read the old commercials in the magazines. And I cannot really drop the topic of new vs old, past vs future, etc.


Or why not buy a pair of walkie-talkies? Play I-spy with your friends or hide-and-seek, or what-have-you. The design is quite retro to say the least… I had something similar, actually, when I was a child, and honestly – we had quite much fun with them. Today, the corresponding function would be
skype, hangouts, or facebook, or viber. Perhaps even SMS. Is that as fun? Remember the noise on the walkie-talkie? The rrrassp. The lack of discipline to release the button such that you can hear the others or vice versa. Not the same thing.

2014-06-07 15.07.06


Or this beauty! The VIC-20. No comments, really. Just enjoy those sweet memories. “Land on Jupiter with the People’s Computer VIC-20” [Sounds a bit East-German…]. VIC-20, a real computer that you can play exciting games on, can help you with school work, can learn programming with, can create your own programs on. VIC-20, easy to use, and can be connected to ordinary TV. Approximately 2.499 SEK, with a 21,51-% VAT. (Corresponding to 5434 SEK today, or 800 USD.

Actually, 800 dollars isn’t that bad?!

So why this? Well, I like the concept of a hardcore computer interface. No such thing as a window operating system, no start button, no blue-screen (well…). A computer was a computer…

2014-06-07 15.06.44

2^5 years from now

So these pictures were taken some 32 years ago, give-or-take. Given that the development is exponential according Moore, what will it look like in the year 2046?

Will we look at the pictures of us with smart phones next to our ears or in our palms and think: “what-the-h*** were we doing back then??!!1! And what was it with those clothes…

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