How do things stick?

The world’s strongest adhesive

Since I work with education, I want to know how to make things
stick. And stick for ever, sort of. What kind of tools and helps are
there out there?

My study has come this far. And I have only done a few experimental
results with most of them. I am listing the three strongest adhesive’s
known to man below. The weakest of the three super powers is mentioned

Number 3: “Conrad’s Super Gluer”

From Pippi Longstocking. There was a guy, Conrad, that travelled
around a sold “super glue that sticks when other glues come
unstuck”. I remember Pippi buying some of this and could walk in the
ceiling. (I think, actually cannot find the reference now, maybe I
don’t remember correctly, or the correct memory didn’t stick!)

Feed your hens a little Super Gluer and you’ll get unbreakable eggs,
you can’t beat that! Ha ha! A little joke there kids. Unbreakable eggs
nobody can beat that?”


Number 2: 3M’s Guinness World Record Adhesive

I will let the video speak for it self… They glue two metal rods together and lift a forklift weighing 8.1 tonnes, and then leave it hanging for more than an hour.

Number 1: The laptop charger cable

The laptop charger cable (alternatively the headphone cable) is simply the best adhesive known to man.

  • Leave the cable on a table, gently pull the cable: Vases, China, jewellery, …, anything will come with it.
  • Leave it on the floor and pull, it will magically form a knot and get a firm grip of the chair’s leg.
  • Let your children play around in the house and they will get attached to the cable and voila Laptop down on the floor.


Yes! I know about the MacIntosh charger cable… Still though, it does not help you with respect to ear pieces…

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