Ant or Ant+ is the new thing?

The last few years, we have been looking at the body-coupled communication scenarios and seen how we can use electronics to detect if we are touching objects and establish communication links.

Typical competitors to these techniques could be Bluetooth Low Energy, or why not Ant+

So, with that pressure you get some competition. Bluetooth Low Energy, for example, has a wake-up mechanism, or proximity detect if you so like, that detects when you are near objects. It could be used in a similar manner. Rather than touching the object, you decrease that bubble around your device such that it is approximately your own size. Sort of.


Ant and Ant+, more or less a hybrid of Bluetooth, allows the connection of devices to your phone such that you can monitor your health or training or what have you. Typically it is found in gyms here and there. Not the most efficient protocol, but good enough.

Nevertheless, with this pressure on us, I now feel sad to announce that they have even attacked my best friend.

2014-04-07 13.54.37
[Artist unknown?]

During one of my lectures for High-School students (well, Gymnasiet here in Sweden). I told them that one of our most important lab instruments is the coffee machine. Sort of true to keep us awake those late nights of work. Hmm, maybe one is too liberal with respect to drugs… on the other hand, coffee is about the strongest drug I do, bar Tabasco.

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