Back to basics …

Yesterday, I did some bedtime reading … comics rather than “Johannisnacht” for my German class. The magazine is from 1992 and I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the whole-page commercial for Commodore‘s Amiga 600. (Yes, the infamous 600… or to quote wikipedia: the “complete and utter screw-up”. It was more expensive and had less options compared to Amiga 500.)

Datavirus eller tjejbaciller.

Datavirus eller tjejbaciller

Let us translate the text:

Computer virus or girl cooties

Girls just think of make-up, clothes, horses and pink scarves? Right?

No way, José.

Girls are at least as good and dedicated computer-freaks as boys. And just like all the rest of us, girls want new challenges. Push the limits and even go beyond.

For you, there is now the new Amiga 600 (from the market leader Commodore).

You can play the coolest-erest games and simulators that exist.

But the Amiga is much more than that. With thousands of functions it makes your homework a pure adventure.

With 4000 colours, 16/32-bit, drawing programs and stereo sound, you can write, calculate and create cooool pictures in a way you could just dream about before.

You can get the Amiga with or without a hard drive of 40 MB (the hard drive version is pre-loaded with lots of thrilling programs).

And it is so simple that anyone understands it. Even boys.

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