Back from the cold …

I have been out in the wilderness (well, Idre) for a week and going on a course. Quite intense schedule from 8 to 21 every day. There were physical activities in-between.

One of my children is asthmatic and in order for them to get learn more about their breathing, limitations, etc., they are then offered to go on skiing camp: training in dry, cold weather – some of the worst conditions for asthmatics. Doctors and nurses then supervise and monitor their performance throughout the week. They are for example tested with a spirometer. If results deviate 10 % there are significant indicators on improvement (or vice versa).

There are quite some nice statistics one could do and I am longing to develop that app instead of pen and paper (gasp!) that they use … Something to add to your personal-trainer app instead. (Yes, there are already products out there, but perhaps one could do something simpler – for children to use). Comes back again to the discussion we had in another post on where all the sensors have gone?

Anyways, it was warming to meet an alumni from our university, Deyan, who popped over for a visit from Norway. He kindly left me a nice painting which quite well compiles my feelings to be back in office and to spend time in front of the computer. Some add-on patches were there too, to get back from the cold …

2014-03-17 08.16.42

And of course, with all this at hand, why not revisit an oldie!

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