The pi-position-dates

Some time ago, I posted a heads up due to the upcoming pi and e days. I also made some statistics to find the best approximation of the two days. Both of them are in July, by the way, July 19 and July 22.

Anyways, with Joakim Alvbrant and Niklas U Andersson as my inspiration sources we talked the other day about finding numbers in pi. For example,

has a database of 2 billion decimals of pi. This means I can search for a number, like my birth date, and I would get the decimal place of that particular string, sequence of digits, number, in pi.

So, what would be better than looping through all the dates of this year and search for the (first) position in pi? So starting from 2014-01-01 and ending at 2014-12-31. (Yes, European, standardized style.)

By parasiting on the Subidiom server and running some wget and text parsing (sed/grep/tr), we can quite easily find the numbers we are looking for using a for loop on top.

So, please find the graph of the date-position in pi below.


The maximum value, i.e., the most problematic day is obviously the 7th of April, no wonder – you have to count to 873 million! A more easy-access day is the 20th of October – only 9803 down the road. The average is 111 million…

As always, thanks to Magnus the Magnificent for being a constant inspiration when solving important problems.

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