Reading books – frustrating!

Monday evenings I am brushing off my German and wrapping up the course points I initiated some 20 years ago at Linköping University. This term of the course deals with book reading and modern German literature. 20 years ago, yes I’m that old, we had to read Brecht, Frisch, Böll, and others. Now we have Dürrenmatt, Bach, and more.

Some week ago I bought a surf tablet (Denver) at the supermarket for a mere 499 SEK. Quite cheap and quality is obviously not the best. For the book I am now reading (Marsmädchen by Tamara Bach) I paid 160 SEK. A 1:3 ratio.

Here’s the problem… Even though I paid so much money I still cannot pinch zoom! The text is kind of small sometimes and even repetitive random trials on random pages does not work.


Also, sometimes one comes across new names in the book. I am trying to klick/tap on the keyword to find out more information, but it just does not work. The problem persists on all pages of the book.


The only (?) good thing is that the batteries last for a long time.

So printed electronics – will that solve this? Or simply using a Kindle or that particular Denver tablet I bought? It is rather heavy and if you fall a sleep reading you might chip out a piece of one of your teeth.

Somehow it is a more pleasant reading experience with a paper copy in your hands. How do you get that same feeling with the electronic devices.
But probably I’m getting too old. When will the book die? Will it ever disappear?

I guess in this post one could discuss the use of a book, price vs quality vs usability. Will the book die out? Will one ever get used to reading on/with the tablet as they look today? Or if we change the question: what should the electronics look like in order to make them interesting as a book? What should the eBook look like.

Why not read this post on why the (paper)book never will disappear.

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