Parking at Linköping University

I have observed, that as soon as we have some mm snow, the optimization algorithms fail!
When looking out over one of the central parking places (no, not Central Park) I see how we are not able to park anymore. Even though there are clear indicators of the start and stop of the parking place (bushes, trees, lamp posts, markings, signs, etc). It is simply difficult to park such that cars fit.

I have managed to illustrate this somehow.

Summer conditions. Bar some random madness, the cars align neatly with the indicators on the ground. A new car, entering the parking place, can then fit into a free slot.


After a few mm of snow, the parking place looks like this. In addition to random parking patterns, there are also distributed huge piles of snow.


I am thinking if the famous equation p V / T = constant holds here? With lower temperatures the volume of cars simply has to reduce too. The pressure, p, is the same – still same amount of researchers and academics that has to go to work.

We have then V’ / T’ = V / T , so with T’ going down to sub-zero (Centigrades) the volume V’ has to decrease too.

I am not sure if my hypothesis holds for T = 0 Kelvin.

Well, seriously, there are actually more parking places and one can actually … drum roll … walk.

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