Rounded corners on background boxes Open-/LibreOffice

Allright, I admit …

I have too little to do (well, actually, I do not at the moment…). Anyways, I am currently writing up a report for my German class in “Realia”, the topic is “Die Mauer”, btw. A very interesting field, how could people create this masterpiece – in terms of engineering, of course – and waste so much money. How could that be a logical decision by Ulbricht, et al.

Well, that wasn’t really the topic of today. Instead I wanted to present a way-too-overdesigned solution to get rounded boxes behind text in OpenOffice, LibreOffice.

See the example below. I want to spice up my text with some random quotes. For example the famous one by former US president, John F Kennedy.


(Notice that ein Berliner is also a doughnut. There was once a funny commercial on the German cinemas with a guy powdering icing sugar on his head and having jam in his mouth, saying “ich bin ein Berliner”. I didn’t find the Youtube clip for that).

Ok, so let’s get wild… Open inkscape or some other vector tool, or drawing tool, what have you. Start creating some corner cells: {ne, nw, se, sw}.png that can be used as rounded corners for your background area on which you want to put your text. Also create a figure called ns.png with the north and south horizontal bars. Create a figure called we.png with the west and east vertical bars. You also need to create a background for the center, called center.png.

Let some of the example pictures below explain the story:
se ne sw nw

And then the others could be something like:
and center block and east-west block.

Notice that the horizontal and vertical bars should be made large enough to cover all possible table heights, e.g., like an A4: 300 mm high, or 300 mm wide. Same with the center box in the background which should be e.g. 300×300.

Eventually, the example would be:

What did I do?

Well, actually, it is just a 3×3-table that can be centered across the text and it can be used to set up spacing between text and table contents, etc. If you now mark a cell in the table. Right mousebutton > Table .... Select the Background tab. Select As [Graphic]. Browse for whatever picture you have in mind for the selected table cell. Link to the graphics to be able to change size and color a bit adaptively (or not). The Type should be “Position” and dependent on corner you align the picture accordingly. For the NorthWest corner, you should select position in the LowerRight, etc.

Why is this a good solution?

It is not 😀 It is tedious and a lot of work. One could for example simply had drawn a shape with rounded corners, or used a frame in which I have inserted a rectangle with text. Then right mouse button on the rectangle and select rounded corners…

The advantage though is the way we can treat the text in the normal text flow and have some help by the table options.

But yet, perhaps some inspiration to handle tables in a more elegant (?) way using some nice pictures. Any examples out there, perhaps?

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