“Discrete-time is beautiful”

Our “previous” professor, Lars Wanhammar, gave me a set of pictures from the old days of our group’s existence. Formerly, we were called Applied Electronics (“Tillämpad elektronik”) and now we are Electronics Systems (with that somewhat odd “s” in there).

Now, there were quite a few scary hair cuts (yes, they were from the early 70’s) in those pictures.

However, this picture showed up. It shows late Sven Eriksson to the left and Prof. em. Lars Wanhammar on the right.

On the board behind them we see the quote (perhaps not the best of translations):

“Discrete-time is beautiful”

which refers to sampled (and digital) signals. Rather than performing operations in the continuous-time domain (infinitedecimal small time steps and infintitedecimal small voltage/current steps) we operate on signals (continuous or discrete in amplitude) in sequences.

Sven Eriksson and Lars Wanhammar

Sven Eriksson and Lars Wanhammar

Sven Eriksson made himself famous for early work on switched-capacitor circuits (SC) and especially SC filters. The work he did still lives in our course: Analog and Discrete-time Integrated Circuits (ATIK).

Lars Wanhammar is famous for his work on filter design in many different ways: mainly digital filters and especially wave-digital filters. He has authored several books on the topic. See one of them here.

In the picture, Lars and Sven want to introduce the student hat/cap again. They carry the white versions of the hats (Summer), but were later replaced by the all-year dark-blue caps for the Linköping Institute of Technology (LiTH)

2 thoughts on ““Discrete-time is beautiful”

    • this odd ‘s’ thingi came straight from the heart! For two-point-five years I pondered over it too 😀

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