Spam, spam, spam!?

Since quite a few people received a message this morning after I accidently pressed the wrong button in an e-mail from twoo. I had received a contact request down here in South Africa and twoo decided to import and send to all my contacts …

We are currently preparing some work shops next week with respect to the SIDA-financed project on “Drought Early Warning Systems – can they improve resilience?” If we get the soil-moisture sensors through the customs shortly, we will be able to dig them down also next week.

So, it was not the intention to spam you all… I guess I will stick to my LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+ as “social” networks until further notice.
You’re quite welcome to connect there instead!

Once again, sorry for the inconvinience (even though I got some nice e-mails from old colleagues – and I guess it was a form involounteer attention-seeking act). Instead, please enjoy the old classic from the Monty Python team:

The other social network (twoo), btw, seems to target mainly the South African audience. For you on the northern hemisphere, it is now Winter here and we are enjoying 25 degrees at noon-ish, but as low as 4 degrees in the night.

One thought on “Spam, spam, spam!?

  1. LOL … at least I get to see this funny SPAM SPAM SPAM thingi … very funny 🙂
    Enjoy in South Africa … and please don’t forget to send out more SPAM every once in a while 😉

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