Limerick 3

Spending a couple of days in Ystad at the Ystad Saltsjöbad for the 2013 version of SSoCC.

Attending the lectures/presentations by all the students led me to think of another Limerick (and this is more from the cynical and ironical side, etc, etc):

All the Ph.D. students present slide-and-slide
Common tips-and-tricks they won't abide
Reading from the screen word-by-word
Turns around and see, nerd-next-to-nerd,
Snoring audience sleeping side-by-side

So, some tips on the trip forward:

  • do not read from the slides, the audience have already read the slide four times before you’ve read the first sentence. Explain what’s “happening” on the slide instead. State the bullets on the slide and explain them wordly – let them be just bullets for the audience to remember your presentation.

  • face the audience when you are presenting, especially in a noisy environment. What comes out of your mouth is (acoustically) easier to understand when one sees the lip movements.

2 thoughts on “Limerick 3

    • Yes, I think that would be a much nicer forum. In general – these kind of conferences are so static. Workshops, seminars (or whatever we would call them) would make more sense. The Ph.D. students are there to learn, not to present something 12 minutes and get some random pseudo-cynical questions from seniors.

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