Anyone knows what this is?

I found this old thing in the lab! It’s so retro – it’s just too good to not open and explore.

First, could it be a tricorder? Could it be stuffed with a lot of cool microcomputers, FPGAs, and microcontrollers? And perhaps a fair amount of stuff?

2013-04-05 13.28.25

Let’s open it and see! Ah, intriguing, wire-wrap! This becomes even more interesting! And Russian resistors!!!1!

Let’s flip the board over…

2013-04-05 13.28.49

Ohh! BCD-to-seven-segment converters! And even more Russian resistors. Very exciting, isn’t it.

2013-04-05 13.29.32

To be continued… even if I do not get what’s in it now, I should keep the exterior – perhaps a new mobile phone casing?!?!? Suggestions?

5 thoughts on “Anyone knows what this is?

  1. Hmmm… don’t think so – cannot find any other units and there are only three seven segments. My wild guess is some kind of bridge for the serial to parallel ports on the sides. Perhaps a serial to parallel converter…

  2. Tried powering it on? Could be some kind of code “lock”,with those two relays and the keypad. Though cant really make out if it has the logic chips for that kind of thing.

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