Top ten ADI tech articles/application notes/white papers on data converters

As mentioned in for example Converter Passion and in other sources, even like this blog mentioning the top-ten resources, the ADI (Analog Devices, Inc.) home page contains quite a lot of useful information. If you look in their Technical Documentation database, you will find white papers, technical articles, and application notes.

Compared to a data sheet, the application note gives more details on how to use a technology (for example a chip or chip set) in different applications. They are quite handy as they tend to give some of those additional tips that you might have not come across in a text book.
A white paper is typically a more or less a scientific report with a marketing touch. (“Hey, look at us, we’re this clever!” – in a positive sense). In this context, the white papers are also supposed to educate the users of your product or technology, or at least brand your technology as much better than others’.
A tech article is in some sense quite similar to the white paper, but published in a more widely accessed media, like a magazine, which in our case could for example be the EE Times.
In addition to this, we have the scientific reports which are peer reviewed and published in more directed media, like the IEEE society journals and conferences.
Anyway, the ADI material is indeed good and most of them are conveniently short to be read and grasped quickly.

After some bed-time reading and browsing among the (as per today, 2012-01-20) 1479 articles, I decided to cut down to the Data Converters sections. Here we find 211 related to DACs and 379 to ADCs. (Hmm, why do ADCs always get more attention?). I guess it should be mentioned that the numbers are according to ADIs search engine with keywords “Analog to Digital Converters” and “Digital to Analog Converters”. Quite a few of the links are also broken, especially the older tech articles.

So, please find today’s top-ten list: The top-ten most useful ADI articles on data converters (and related). I’ll add a vote too and please, if you like, add your own favourite app note from ADI. We could also have a competition: who has the best app notes?

No particular order, and I have also bundled a couple of them since the topics were really close to each other. One could argue about the topics I’ve selected…

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