Project funded II

And yet a project is funded, this time by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA). We are (from “my” side) going to investigate the use of sensor nodes in a project called:

Local-scale early warnings for drought – can they increase community resilience?

Main applicant is Prof. Lotta Andersson at SMHI and Linköping University. Please find more information at:

An abstract from the research application:

The project aims to, based on a pilot study in Mozambique (Limpopo river basin), test how such a system could be created in reality. Possibilities and constraints will be analyzed and recommendations for design of drought monitoring and forecasting for local-scale early warnings as a way to increase community resilience will be provided. To address these objectives, the project team assembles a strong constellation of researchers in hydro-climatological modeling (P. Graham, L. Andersson), WSN (J. Wikner), model-assisted participation (L. Andersson, J. Wilk), and vulnerability assessments (J. Wilk).

2 thoughts on “Project funded II

  1. Wow!! Great news for all the “smart dust” team.
    We always believed in you and the deployment of smart dust (WSN).

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