Just visited a keynote speech by Prof. Tarek Abdelzaher from University of Illinois.

Prof. Abdelzaher is giving a speech on: “Social Sensing Challenges for a Green Planet”. The speech focuses on applications of sensors and how they can be connected together. As examples we have all the personal-related sensors for say medicail applications. But from a green-plant point-of-view, there are plenty of more things to be done. How can we collect all the sensory data to for example find the best route through traffic congested areas, or best route in terms of lowest emission, etc. The system can also be used to report road conditions (ice patches, etc.). For example, if we can improve 1% of energy efficiency in US traffic, we will save one billion gallons (hmm, what’s that in liters, roughly 4 billion liters, i.e., 4 ktonnes…) This service can be provided by the proposed GreenGPS system.

There are of course plenty of issues related to e.g. data mining, sensor fusion, distribution of data for many individual users (a sensing – modeling – control loop), etc. Yes, it’s a loop – since you redirect traffic, you might start to congest other areas, etc. Some of these topics/challenges were highlighted by Prof. Abdelzaher as future research topics.

2 thoughts on “ELLIIT

  1. jacob, this is great… lots of thanks… one really feels in the workshop or conference with this live “streaming” from the events that you attend.

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