ELLIIT II — ST Ericsson

And now up for ST Ericsson speech…

Kjell Gustafsson (Head of System Management), ST-Ericsson, “The Smartphone Disruption”

The speech is about the new research problems arising due to the increased traffic using smart phones. We get an overview of history (for example, how many remembers WAP?) We’re looking at some old marketing material from 1999. Most of the ideas have come through from back then! Maps in the phone, gps, games, etc., etc. Still though, the video phone is not there and people don’t seem to want to use it. Back then the time frame was 3-5 years, and it got a bit delayed. We have taken a journey from calling places (house), to people, and now to things (servers).

  • Interestingly, a quarter of all phones being sold are not smart phones, but three quarters of the revenues are through smart phones.
  • In the fourth quarter 2009, the data traffic surpassed the speech/voice traffic — worldwide.
  • In 2006, ADSL2+ offered some 10 Mbps, in 2011 this is offered by LTE (in average… the operators “offer” more). However, now it is exponentially increasing! And soon FTTH speed is more or less offered by the wireless standards (at least outdoors – indoors the speed drops significantly which is a challenge today – typically a micro base station is required. How to solve this?)
  • Today, the phones have to cover something like 36 frequency bands (!) to be useful all around the globe. Finding a generic input path for this would of course be a very welcome research result.
  • The design of the wireless modems become more and more important too.

BTW – I also got to meet Dr. Torkel Arnborg from ST-Ericsson during the lunch hours. I worked “together” with Torkel during my time with Ericsson Microelectronics and the Microelectroncs research center (MERC). That was great to revive some of Torkel’s old stories.

And there my battery goes 🙂

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