Off to Lund and the ELLIIT workshop

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. I’m off to Scania tomorrow morning… brrr. You know, that southern, pseudo-danish part of Sweden. The ELLIIT workshop is held at Lund University (arguably the oldest university in Sweden).

The ELLIIT “project” is a “network organization for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) research” which involves a few Swedish universities and national and international partners from industry and academia.
The collaboration stretches all the way from chip level up to system and infrastructure levels.

It is my first time attending the yearly workshop and I plan to give a speech about the activities we have here. Mainly addressing some pre- and postcorrection techniques for data converters. For the ADCs, a hybrid of the good-old histogram method. For the DACs, the focus is mainly on ways to prepare for error correction by minimizing the analog components or minimize the harmful effects on the signal by analog errors. Both correction “techniques” are blind in the sense that there is no direct feedback. Either a test signal has to be injected in the ADC or we need to know something about the statistical or spectral or temporal behavior of the signal. For the DACs, we are currently not looking at methods using a feedback (Mx path) ADC for measuring the DAC output.

2 thoughts on “Off to Lund and the ELLIIT workshop

  1. How will you give the speech when it’s so difficult to speak the lingo?
    May I recommend sign-language?

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