ANTIK: Case study in the ATIK course

To be able to fit the presentation in the two hour slot and also give some general course information during the last lecture of the ATIK course I will talk about:

  • Nyquist-rate, 14-bit DAC

We will look into the design considerations for a 500-MHz, 1.2-V, 14-bit Nyquist-rate DAC. I intend to cover the following bullets:

  • Choice of main architecture
  • Choice of unit element architecture
  • Sanity check of specification
  • Noise
  • Mismatch
  • Termination and impedance levels
  • Biasing – design of bias scheme and effect of distributed biasing
  • Special techniques to improve performance: DWA, DEM, etc.
  • High-speed switch design and its implications

So the lecture will touch upon the first three and two second last lectures of the ATIK course. I will only include some general discussions on switches and amplifiers from the other lectures. That means, the switched-capacitor and filter parts are not directly covered by this lecture.

In conjunction with this presentation, you will in the lab area find

  • doc/atik/ANTIK_0019: Design report and slides
  • oa/atikCaseStudy*: Cadence OA libraries that are invoked in your normal setup.
  • m/*.m matlab files: In your lab area, if you launch mlabjava you will get access to some of the files illustrating DWA and DEM techniques.

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