Master Thesis: Electric VLSI

Version 9.x of Electric VLSI is now officially launched as a stable release. I am wondering if someone out there would be interested in doing design with Electric and cross-check it against commercial tools, like Cadence. The outline of the thesis would be:

  • Setup the tool
  • Setup the design kit <-- tricky part...
  • Implement a “simpler” design, like an operational amplifier in a 65-nm CMOS process
  • Build up a tool-to-tool porting flow (from Electric to Cadence and vice versa)
  • Build up a java-based script package for Electric – similar to what you would do in e.g. Cadence SKILL.

The exjobb would enable you to learn both Electric and Cadence extensively from a back-end point of view rather than a front-end point of view. Notice that a “modern” analog designer should typically also know a lot about the details of the tool and how to massage it to speed up the design phase.

2 thoughts on “Master Thesis: Electric VLSI

    • Dear Employee,
      Am a student of International Masters Programme in Communication Engineering at Linköping university, Sweden. I am very much interested in involving myself with your projects. I wish to do my Master thesis in your group.

      I have done my project in VLSI at Linköping university, Sweden.
      Title: “First Order Sigma Delta Modulator

      I would like to continue my research in your group for Thesis.
      I will be grateful to you and obliged if you kindly consider my pleasure and inform me about Master thesis in your group.
      I will be waiting for a positive reply from you.

      Thank you very much.

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