TSEI50 – Course starts on Monday!

Hi all of you that will take the TSEI50 course, i.e., Linear Systems!

It starts now on Monday (August 30) and will stretch a couple of months.

I will communicate in English since we will have 7 foreign students among the 31 students taking the course this year.

The first two lectures will be on Monday 13-15 and Tuesday 10-12 in P18 and P26, respectively. Monday will of course be of introductory nature and the Tuesday lecture we will be a bit more active. Notice that the course information is currently a bit outdated. Due to I-have-lots-to-do it will be updated next week, just before the lecture.

You find the lecture notes here. Notice that they are not slides! I don’t like that.

On the first lecture, we are also going to talk about some of the evaluations from last year.

Welcome! See you on Monday.

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