Hate list

Ok, so I need a hate list:

1) D-Link. D-Link routers, bridges, and ADSL modems are crap. Crap, crap, crap. I have tried five different now for something simple as connecting to the internet. They all fail. So do not buy: DWL-G810 (a bridge which needs restart every time you turn on the computer). Do not buy the 624 router it is crap. Fails every 10 minutes and needs reboot. Do not by the G684T either. Horrible, fails even more often. Yes, I have cooled them down. So it is simply D-Link that are cheaters and sell garbage to customers. Lots of links on the internet also point to this. Few people are happy with their D-links.

2) NX. They are on the list for having the most stupid error message. Almost like Windows: “Are you sure that you are sure that you are sure you want to quit and save?”. Nx has a stupid message with: “Oh, seems like you have lost connection to the server (due to the D-link…) do you want me to terminate the client session, loose data and all this?” And they have Yes as default button and the window steal focus… If anyone, please, could tell me what the point is with this dialog window.

Anyone has a good tip on a functional ADSL router, please let me know.

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