For you who use the daisy flow at Linkoping University, I have added two new libraries in parallel with daisy. One containing some skill script examples and one with some documents.

I hope to be adding contributions to the libraries continuously and please let me know if you want something added.

2 thoughts on “CAD:Flow

  1. In addition to this, I post here what I have found recently, which may be known by you:
    This website includes models of IC`s, different problems and solutions, not only for Cadence but also for PSPICE and another software application called Electric VLSI which I had never heard before, they say that it is freeware. Maybe it is worth trying it.

    • Yes, electric VLSI is very powerful. It is only some 9 MB in a java jar and can be run on all platforms! I really recommend downloading it and try it out. For PC, just download and double click (you most certainly have java enabled on your windows machine). For linux: download and java -jar filename.jar

      Electric VLSI supports the whole flow: Layout with physical verification, analog simulation, digital simulation, layout vs schematic check (so that wysiwyg is guaranteed), symbols, hierarchical flow. What they do not support is not the “new” common database format openAccess, but that is probably going to happen one day…

      Sign-up to the google group: for more information on the tool.

      There are other freeware tools, for example: magic, icarus, alliance, gnucap, ngspice, pyCells, and more. What lacks is a good “glue” that connects all these excellent tools well with eachother. If you run Linux you can also check the gEda package (probably available for Windows too, don’t know…)

      I am planning to give a course one day using freeware tools instead to encourage students to learn more on IC design and how to simulate, program, and so on.


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