CAD/TSTE16:Monte Carlo and pPar

I have added a cellview to the daisy area: daisyPparDemo which outlines a resistive divider prepare for the monte carlo simulation runs as Per e-mailed about. The stat.scs is now automatically loaded for the generic process (you find it in daisy/pdkSpecific/generic/sim/models/stat.scs).

library monteLib
section stats
statistics {
process {
vary daisyResVal dist=unif std=10 percent=yes
endsection stats
endlibrary monteLib

Also notice that the value in “my” file is daisyResVal and not R as it is in the PDF example.

If you need to add more parameters, you need to take a local copy of this file and modify it with your parameters.

The Resistive divider has been prepared for pPar.

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