AnTIK:Sorry for the interrupt and info on TSEI05 lecture

Ok, so sorry for the interrupt today. The car was recovered with a broken tail light and some other minor things.
Anyway, so for next lecture I’ll bring a quick demonstration of the CAD tool you are going to use. Mainly for orientation and to give you a quick overview, such that you are prepared for the labs.

Thanks for the attention today. The message I was trying to deliver in Lecture 2 is that even though we only have one resistor and a single transistor, the formulas soon evolve to something quite advanced. We derived some useful formulas to describe gain of the stage and demonstrated that the small-signal schematics is much more powerful to use, but that it has the disadvantage of being just a linear approximation which does not cover e.g. nonlinearity and other issues. Some parts I had to leave out due to the interruption, but we should be able to recapture that.

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