AnTIK:Regarding Labs, etc.

Hi all,
thanks for attending the lectures today. We brushed off some dusty CMOS technology in the TSEI05 course and started to look at the switched capacitor in the TSTE08.

Director of Studies visited me regarding the labs and since there are so many of you we need to send out those lab lists. I hope to prepare some for tomorrow, otherwise I will post them outside my office. I know I mentioned that the labs are resource hours, but we probably need to organize a bit such that you do not show up 50 people on each occasion.

Tomorrow: SC cont’d for TSTE08 and on Wednesday we have CMOS small signal schematics for TSEI05. See you then.

One thought on “AnTIK:Regarding Labs, etc.

  1. Oh yes,
    the lecture notes are being updated on a very irregular basis, please look at the revision number at the end of the document for the latest version.

    Hope it helps. If you cannot read the files, let me create a pdf or so, just let me know.

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