Formula in openoffice

If you write formulas in openoffice, I want to give you a very good tip.

First of all use the autotext option to create the numbered formula like:

  • Write two letters, f and n, with space before: fn and then press F3. Voila — a new numbered formula with Dr. Einsteins well-known formula.

Also, when you insert the equation into text, you can write the formula on the fly, like:

  • The transconducance, g_{m1}, times the output resistance, R_{out}, forms the gain, as: A = g_{m1} cdot R_{out}.

Type everything first and then mark the text that describes the function and press: Alt+I o f (Menu Insert Object Formula) and then ESC twice.

As a final step for pretty printing go to the formats menu (F11) and frame section. Change the formula frame to have no keep out region.

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