TSEI50: Here are the results …

Now the results from labs and exam are reported into Ladok and should be available soon. The exam and its solutions are found no the course homepages.

3 out of 13 person passed the exam, 3 were close. My feeling – from the course evaluation – and from the exam is that quite many of you have not studied for the exam. 4 people more or less blanked, surprisingly biased towards one of the exam halls.

I am however quite surprised still though… the exam contains a lot of one-liner answers and most of you have not even tried to answer them. Also: to pass the exam it is sufficient to only obtain 4 points per question. Three of the questions were more or less copies of eachother and would have given you a batch of 15 points more or less for free. I assume that quite a few of you did not even read through the exam carefully. The number of people that did show up on the exam kind of indicates this too.

From the evaluation, there were some criticism of the course. This is something we need to discuss further and I urge you to contact the studierektor to setup a meeting with course responsible. Some of the criticism was quite vague (for example: “this exam does not look like previous exams”, “we had two other courses at the same time”) and we could need some additional feedback.

There was also a quite large correlation between the grade you give the course and the programme you study.

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