TSTE16: Create a superfunction on the top level

Hello all,
I am throwing in yet a couple of tips for the TSTE16 project course:

  • As I have mentioned to some of the groups, try to run through a couple of iteration on the top-level in Matlab. Change the parameters back and forth and generate a couple of setups that meet your requirements. Note them down in a spread sheet or so? Why would you do this? The reasoning behind this is to have a backup-plan if the analog stuff in the Cadence domain becomes too tricky to design or if you bump into some other hurdles. The spread sheet will therefore be useful for you as an overview over different configurations.
  • At the Matlab top level: why don’t you create a superfunction? For example: generateSubSpecification(parameter1, parameter2, parameter3, ...)
    You can try to find a minimum set of parameters required to generate the specification of all the individual subblocks. For example:
    generateSubSpecification(L=32, M=16, omegaC = 0.5*pi, omegaS = 0.6*pi, Amax=0.01, Amin=-60)

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