Cordis EU Project

A project on “Spiking neural models of auditory perception” was just granted by the EU FP7 programme (within ERC Starting Grant – Computer science and informatics ). They have got funding from 2009-10-01 to 2014-09-30.

An interesting comment they have — touching upon associative memories — is:

” The dual properties of synchronization and coincidence detection lead to a new computing paradigm, where neurons perform a similarity operation instead of a summation. Because synaptic plasticity favor correlated neuron groups, synchrony-based computation should play an important role in developed neural circuits. “

Some of the expected impacts on industrial applications are:

industrial applications (music transcription, auditory scene analysis) and medical applications (stimulation procedures for cochlear implants) with neural simulation technology.

So it aligns well with the research applications we have and the final-year projects currently running.

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