TSTE16: Generating cds.lib

Since we did not know what libraries you have created/want to create in your project directory structure, you need to manually update the cds.lib file in your project directory structure. So for example:

Assume you have added a library called

  • tste16ProjAdc

to your directory structure:

  • $WORKAREA/tste16ProjAdc/cds/

For all others (in your project) to see this library you need to add to the file

  • $WORKAREA/tste16ProjAdc/cds/cds.lib

the following line

  • DEFINE tste16ProjAdc tste16ProjAdc

It is normally the project secretary that needs to follow up and correct for missing links in your directory setup. In practice, the names of the libraries are to large extent already defined at the beginning of the project and are therefore setup accordingly.

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