TSEI50 Lecture 7

The 7th TSEI50 lecture is taking place tomorrow morning. I will arrive slightly late due to some children daycare issues. Hope to be there at 8.25. The lecture will discuss stability and other properties of the z-transform, and how it relates to the frequency response of a system.

I have also found the exams from the last few years and plan to add them to the home page shortly.

Tomorrow is also the first lab, please be as prepared as you can be before going there!

2 thoughts on “TSEI50 Lecture 7

  1. HEY! tomorrow there will be lab and SOUT is written as lab place.I don’t know where it is. and also ı wonder that which topic will we responsible for? I’m looking forward to hear from you .
    King regards

    • Hello,

      SOUT (Southfork) is the place for the Lab and Sebastian will be taking care of you. The lab manual can be downloaded from the course home page:

      Click to access lab_tsei50_2009.pdf

      The lab is the first couple of pages and preferrably do as much as possible at home if you have the tools you need.

      A map over the different labs at ISY is found here:

      See the yellow blob in the middle, next to Freja. My office, by the way, is just above that blob…

      Hope this answers your question.


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