TSEI50 Lecture 1

The lecture is in P34 in the C-house between 8-10 in the morning.
In the first lecture we will go through the course plan and just briefly touch upon the basics of linear systems and signals (like for example defining what a linear system is, etc.)

Meet you there!

2 thoughts on “TSEI50 Lecture 1

  1. I have updated the course home pages with some material to be downloaded from the web. You will find the lab PM, the exercises and solutions to the lessons, as well as some other more or less useful files.

  2. Since the question came up: the lab work is obligatory, but it only accounts for 1.5 points. If the lab series clashes with something else you are planning to attend, I suggest you show up some time of the lab and then do the rest at home.

    Matlab student licenses are available at discount prices, but I would also recommend you to take a look at octave which is GNU project. The clone is rather compatible with Matlab, but the graph presentation is rather dodgy.

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